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Customer Marketing Tool

by Nigel Bogle

Scratching The Marketing 'Itch'

Ask most retailers about targeted customer marketing and eyes roll; 'it's a pipe dream...', many will say; others will cite the Tesco Clubcard scheme, and the 'magical' data they store on their customers.

What I wouldn't give to have all that data... The big retailers seem to have so much useful information... We'd love to have that kind of insight into what our customers are doing in our business.

Sample Retailer
Cheesemongers | Farm Shops | Delicatessens | Butchers | Bakers

The sentiment above is something we hear a lot....

My stock response is... Really? No, I'm serious... really? That's a heck of a lot of information... What would you do with it? Do you have the resources in-house to be able to leverage it even if you had access and if so, where on earth would you start 'slicing' it?

This is something that caught my attention a while ago and I've been trying to get to the root of this particular problem since.

The Challenge

"Design a powerful, intuitive piece of software that will enable non-technical, intelligent retailers to segment their customers into groups based on a range of criteria of their choosing at any point on their own without the need for outside assistance."

"The software should then facilitate these groups of customers being leveraged in marketing campaigns, discount vouchers and real-time customer promotions to the satisfaction of the customer and the betterment of the retailer."

- Lakeland Computers

The Result - Eureka™ Marketing Tool

Eureka™ POS customers have a wealth of data already at their fingertips and we've come up with a design for this new feature which we feel is both intuitive and scalable. We're always looking to improve ourselves after all so we've got to leave room for extra functions.

The principle is that we have provided a user interface inside Eureka™ 5 where users can select from a range of 'Filter Blocks' in order to create a marketing segment. These 'blocks' are put together much like an English sentence and the result is a list of customers who satisfy the criteria you've requested.

For example,

Segment #1:
Display all customers who are female, between the ages of 25 and 65 and who have, on average, spent over £25 in the Butchery department in the last two weeks.

Segment #2:
Display all customers who were given a £10 off wine discount voucher and who redeemed it.

Segment #3:
Display all customers who spend money in our Farm Shop/Deli but who never visit our Coffee Shop.

Once the segment file is created you can then use it as an input to email marketing software such as MailChimp or feed it into your next Discount Voucher or Customer Promotion; this way ONLY people identified in the segment get the reward.

It's hugely powerful and a first for backoffice software of this kind.


Make It Personal

In most cases successful retail marketing is an on-going process of getting to know your customer(s) and their buying preferences. You start to build up a bigger picture of how likely they are to be tempted into a particular purchase based on what you've discovered, over time, to be true. It doesn't happen overnight and it requires two things... patience and consistency.

We created this new feature so you could, at last, have meaningful access to the customer data being fed into Eureka™ in the form of customer transactions.

This subject is much too large to continue here but if you'd like more information on the workings of the new functionality or would like to know more about our systems generally then drop us a line using the blue 'Get In Touch' speech bubble at the right hand side of the screen and one of our team will be available to help you.

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