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Inter-Branch Transfers

As a retail business expands, inevitably new branches will spring up and the branches can be, in some cases, separated by considerable distance. This is where one of our key modules comes into play; 'Inter-Branch Transfers', or IBT for short.


The IBT module is suitable for any business with more than one branch, where the transfer of stock between the branches needs to be accurately tracked.

With IBTs you have the flexibility to create order requests between branches, or simply 'scale out' stock from one branch to another without the need for an initial request.

We've worked closely with a number of retailers, each with their own set of specific requirements, to bring you a well-rounded solution which can handle a wide variety of business scenarios. From batched deliveries through to template orders and closely knit integration with stock handheld devices, we've worked hard to bring you a solution which is uniquely tuned to the needs of the retail sector.

Inter Branch Transfers Flowchart

Key Features

We've highlighted the main features which we think makes our IBT module a great solution for so many different retailers.


Simple Order Creation

With the option to create a simple one line order, or a multi-line batch order, you can manage the creation in a way that suits your business operation.

Order creation is as simple as selecting the branch you are ordering from, adding the product(s) you need and then pressing the 'Save' button!


Comprehensive product line population

You can populate the products included in your new branch order based on any of the following criteria / options.

  • Minimum stock levels;
  • Sales performance;
  • Product search;
  • Handheld import;
  • Saved template;
  • ...and more!

Flexible order fulfilment

Within the context of the branch which is preparing a requested order you can easily pick and choose the products you wish to batch into a delivery for processing.

The system handles everything from product over-fulfilment, under-fulfilment, back orders, as well as delayed and cancelled orders.


Streamlined deliveries

Delivery management is a straightforward 4 step process.

  •  Print picking list: helps ensure you can fulfil the requested order;
  •  Print despatch note: allows deliveries and contents to be identified;
  •  Despatch delivery: reduces stock in the fulfilment branch;
  •  Receive delivery: increases stock in the receiving branch;