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Mobile Stock Deliveries

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We've designed this module from the ground up to be feature rich, with all the functionality you'd expect to have to make it easy to use and yet powerful at the same time.

This includes the ability to record multiple deliveries on the handheld device, without having to upload to your PC between deliveries, as well as being able to save and resume delivery records as required.

The new module is fully integrated with our Eureka™ Stock Management solution and you can quickly and easily upload your stock deliveries with minimal effort.

New Look & Feel

We've updated the interface of our Eureka™ Mobile software to have a more simple and streamlined appearance.

This new interface brings our mobile software offering in line with the other hard work we've been putting into our Eureka™ Stock Management and Eureka™ Point of Sale software.

We think that both new and existing users of the module will appreciate the clean look and straight-forward menu system.


Feature Rich

We've spent a lot of time including as many useful features as possible out of the box, so that you have everything you need to carry out your work.

When scanning products at your delivery area, you can change the unit in which you are receiving a product. This is very useful if for example you ordered a case of 12 bottles and 1 bottle was smashed. You can then change the unit to be 'each' and alter the accepted quantity to 11.

'Received' and 'accepted' quantities are recorded separately, allowing you to manage discrepancies.

You can also view a manifest of what has been received / accepted so far and either adjust or delete lines from the delivery as required.


Save & Resume

Another nice feature is being able to save and resume deliveries. Every time you scan a product your work is automatically saved, so you'll never lose any data. You can close the delivery at any time and then load it back up again to complete later on.

Incomplete delivery records can also be deleted at any time if required.


Easy Upload

Finally, uploading your completed stock deliveries into Eureka™ is a piece of cake.

Simply connect the handheld to your PC and when you press the import button the software will populate all of the relevant quantities automatically.

The software can even cope with new order lines which were received as part of the delivery but did not feature in the original order.


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