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Our Ethos

Our approach to how we 'do business' really is quite simple...

We feel that to properly understand a sector you've got to live it, breathe it and have a genuine passion to want to improve the issues being faced within it. Believe it or not that makes a massive difference to the end product delivered.  

You may say, "that's just common sense...", but think about how many other 'solution providers' go about things in this way?

How many can you think of... really... that commit much time or resource in this regard? 

To that end we're not just looking at 'tills'; we want to know more... much more about what goes on in your own particular operation.  We want to understand things like your Brand, your Customer Base, the Flow around your shop... where do people Queue??

Eureka Retail Suite

What's your Average Basket Spend? How do you manage Waste and Transfers to other parts of your shop? If not, then why not..? This stuff is killing your margin!  

We genuinely want to help fix the gaps... it's really not about tills or software... How can you possibly fix something if you don't really understand the sector...?  

There are many so-called EPOS companies offering their 'wares' into the market and all jostling over price, support and other 'thrown-in' modules.  

Have you ever noticed though that everyone you talk to is offering the BEST product and the BEST support? Furthermore that the references provided to back this unquestionable state of affairs are all from 'friendly' customers?

We are often asked, "OK, so why is your offering better that competitor 'X' or 'Y'".  Suffice to say... they do things their way and we do things ours; it's no more complicated than that.

It's no co-incidence though that we spend so much time and money working in your sector, regional food groups, actual shops... yes shops (we have staff who've worked on deli counters and who've managed Farm Shops). 

It's all with one sincere goal... that we'll understand the real pain points, the margin killers and then be in a position to do something to actually help.

That's the Lakeland Computers Ethos... simple. 


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