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Software Development

How we get from feature request to great software...

We work very hard to ensure the quality of our system is maintained and that our customers receive exactly what they pay for whenever a new feature is developed for them.

There are a number of stages to see a feature through from start to finish;

  1. The first stage is to perform an initial assessment of the feature. This is undertaken by our development team and a time estimate and cost is provided. Our developers 'walk' through the requirements as we have understood them and make an assessment on the time to develop and deploy the software to the customer's estate of equipment on completion;
  2. Providing the customer wants to proceed we will receive confirmation of the feature assessment by the customer;
  3. A formal specification of the new feature is created by our development team and sent to the customer. This ensures we're on the same 'page' as far as the requirements are concerned and it is this document that forms the deliverable;
  4. The customer signs off on the formal specification if they are satisfied that all requirements will be fulfilled, based on the specification document. If the customer is not satisfied then we rework the specification until everyone is happy;
  5. Our development team books the development work into the calendar and informs the customer when the work has been scheduled in;
  6. We implement the new feature based on the specification and create appropriate documentation;
  7. Whenever the new feature has been implemented developer testing is carried out to ensure that the brief has been met;
  8. A release candidate version of the software is built and deployed to our test servers;
  9. The software is then sent to the QA (Quality Assurance) stage for a full round of testing by our internal QA team;
  10. We inform the customer whenever testing has been completed and arrange installation of the software at a time convenient to the customer.

A key part of the above process is the creation of a formal software specification and we place great emphasis on documenting requirements as accurately as possible before we commence any development work.

An accurate specification = blueprint to success.

software development

We also believe in keeping our customers informed at key stages in process.

This includes making contact regarding the initial assessment, providing the specification document, advising the customer regarding the estimated completion date and then arranging installation after software testing has been completed.

We are committed to the continual development of our systems and processes.

If you’d like more information regarding the above workflow, or you wish to provide feedback and suggestions you can contact us by calling our main line on:

+44 (0) 345 257 0829 or by emailing our Development Team.

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